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Welcome to No Map Nomads. It is place to find out about travel adventures, gear reviews, location reviews, and anything else that we think is pretty cool and that’s related to travel.


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Making Dreams Happen

The day before a big trip, the first big trip in years, and my thoughts turn to not only what I’ve packed in my bag but the perceptions I carry in my mind.

Packin it all in, I hate multi-trek trips

So…we are flying across two seasons, three climate zones and trying to pack for not only a multi-day, multi-climate 50 mile hike but also a cultural tour and two-three day motorcycle trip around Peru over 2 weeks. What a packing headache!!! So how to do it: 1. Get everything you think you need, and lay […]

Staying the course

Travel, be free, and actually reach our dreams. These are our goals. They seen reachable, No? Well for the longest time I believed so. It seems however that these goals are so vast and with so many paths to reach them actually doing so is nearly impossible. So why the difficulty? Life and the pitfalls […]

The Little Red Boat

Sometimes the best way to travel is slow and steady.

The instigators of life, travel and change….Raven’s transformation

Sometimes you need a kick in the ass to make a change in your life. This was Raven’s

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