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Welcome to No Map Nomads. It is place to find out about travel adventures, gear reviews, location reviews, and anything else that we think is pretty cool and that’s related to travel.


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Dreaming of Green

This week’s featured photo is a balm for winter blues… not, not the beach, but somewhere else that with an overflowing abundance of plant life!

The Inca Trail: Day 2 with Alpaca Expeditions

Eleven hours of hiking with an elevation gain of 5,125 feet and loss of 3,423 feet across only 10 miles of horizontal travel, welcome to day two of hiking the Inca Trail!

Lucky Chance in Mexico

Some travel photos require big shoots, multiple angles, and lots of tweaking to get that one shot with few people and great light. And sometimes you end up at the right time and place…

Street dogs of Peru: Life in the Streets

We met some great people, and some great dogs, while on our trip to Peru. Now we want to help them.

Symphony of Serendipity

Sometimes the best moments in life come only after the most difficult of journeys: a photo that symbolizes the laughter and trouble found on the Trip of Trials

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