It’s here: Danger Peligros! is now available!

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The peligros have moved in and you’ll never believe what they brought as a house warming gift! No Map Nomads is proud to present our first travel book!

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Duke, Mayhem, and Lucky have moved in and boy have they made it easy to forget about the trouble they’ve caused on our trips. You see, they brought us a book. And not just any book, but one featuring the best adventures (and misadventures) we’ve ever been on!

Raven and I have been traveling since we met on Martha’s Vineyard oh-so-many years ago now. From those early days barely surviving learning to sail on Vineyard Sound to more recent motorcycle trips through the Canadian Maritimes, we’ve had our share of trouble and of luck. Danger Peligros! collects some of those stories of our misadventures so that when you follow a Peligro out the door, you might be a little better informed!

Explore the best moments, mischief, and mayhem from this adventure travel website No Map Nomads. Whether by boot, by (motor)bike, by boat, or by whatever it takes, Raven and Weifarer will take you along to experience trips from sublime to nearly disastrous. With serendipity tucked into the saddlebags along with some capricious Peligros, every turn leads to the unexpected.

This book includes the complete story arc to Cruise Ship Mutiny, the Cabot Trail on motorcycle, memories of the first motorbike trip to Canada (in October no less), hikes on tropical islands and much more.

In honor of the first day of publication, Danger Peligros! will be on sale for only 99 cents today only! Get your copy before the price goes up to $3.99 on December 4th!

Pick up a copy at Amazon or Smashwords!

Follow these links: Amazon or Smashwords

And finally, here is a big shout of thanks to a handful of great authors who are helping to spread the word about Danger Peligros! Check out their websites and get to know some really fantastic people and exceptional writers!

Bruce Blake

Chantal Boudreau

Scott Bury

Steven Montano

Joshua Johnson

The Guild of Dreams

You guys are all awesome!




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